Samos 's past

They tell that.. In the dark of winter's nights, when fishermen pass by the rugged and barren slope of Kerki, the highest mountain of Samos, always lashed by the wind, they say they see, on the top of the mountain, a light like the one of a lighthouse which guides them through the storm into the right direction. There is a tale that this special light might come from Pitagora's soul. Pitagora was born 2500 years ago, helped the world with his philosophy and knowledge of math, and today he still lives in fishermen's heart. Samos is also the island of Aristarco, Epicuro, Erodoto ed Esopo, and is a traditional say that Hera, Zeus's wife, was also born here. Up to 1912 this island was dominated by the Turkish, and became officially part of Greece on the 2nd March 1913. On these days Samos's popular tradictions aren't dead (but??) and local people still celebrate with festivals the connection between present and past. At every beginning of seasons Meltemia Studio will offer a calendar with all these events to their guests .

General information about Samos

"Samos's island is situated in the middle of Aegean Sea, towards the oriental end of the Ikarian Sea, very close to the shores of Asia Minor; a narrow channel of about 1000-1200 metres in width separates Samos from the shores of Turkey. Even if, very close to Turkey, Samos is "the most Greek" island in Egeo. White and light blue houses and of course the traditional shape of Orthodox Church's roof; and a patriotic flag fixed on every balcony. Samos is one of the biggest islands of Greece, and to visit all this beauty can take a few days. In no other island the temptation of swimming in the clear blue sea is so strong. The ground is mountainous in the middle of the island with mountains which reach 1500 metres of height and a vegetation of pinewoods, poplar trees, chestnuts, whereas olives, vineyards, orange-trees and citrus trees reign in the sweep of the fields. Samos is famous for the quality of wine,here it is possible to taste a large range of prime quality wine.(karlovassi and Samos Vathi)

Principal Monastery:

  • Monastery of Unzione della Madonna
  • Monastery of Santa Trinita (Agia Triada)
  • Monastery of Zoodocous Pigi (Ailiotissa)
  • Monastery of Agia Zoni
  • Monastery of Profeta Elia
  • Monastery of Sacre Croce
  • Monastery of Megali Panagia (Madonna)
  • Monastery of Panagia Vrondiani (Kokkariani)
Meltemia's staff on request organize excursions to archaeological areas and excursions on MBK

What to visit in Samos

Samos's capital is Vathy, situated in a beautiful bay with neoclassic architecture and historical churches as Aigia Spyridona and Agia Irini a precious exposition of art works, small and narrow streets, archaeological museum(s?) with many manufactured products coming from Hera's tample rests and a Byzantine museum. Pythagorio is the third village for size, and and worth the visit. In this beautifull village there are some interesting churches and an archaeological museum,. Don' forget to visit the old Monaster of Panagia Spiliani, admire the ruins of an old town and aqueduct of Eupfalinion of the sixth century before Christ. The Tample of Hera in Heraion will capture the turists for the beauty of its ruins, what you see today comes from the sixth century, but the original one in wood was built in the thirteenth century before Christ. Where today (lives?) there is Mytilini,many centuries ago there was Hissia, which was a prosperous town, you can still visit its paleontological museum. We suggest to visit Monolate,Pyrgos,Ambelos and the little village of fishermen, Ormos, Balos and Drakey. Particularly interesting for those who love nature, Nightingale's Valley is a beautifull place to visit.

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