Leaders Meltemia Samos offers its guests and who was concerned, the possibility of having an advisory service, care and research in the area, about lacquisto any property, land and commercial activities (in This latter case we can also consider the simple management of limited duration). With regard to research on the property you can also have advice and assistance with qualified manufacturers, which operate directly on the island of Samos, and consequently the sale, the Staff is offered as a point of reference, in particular in the season winter, just in case any problems and dictated climate or other. In the case of land purchases is possible to have a sort of giardianaggio and maintenance, with qualified personnel, at any time of year. About leventuale sale or management of commercial activities, the staff is committed to conducting research in the area unaccurata interacting with both private and professional, selecting the best offer on Samos. It also provides the names and addresses of highly qualified personnel, about how to start practices transaction (Lawyers, notaries, accountants, State and municipal offices, Offices Tax and Banking references), as well as staff of recognized reference in Samos Greece, for each type of translation from Greek to Italian or English. Staff are also offers to give to those who want a first reception, as regards information, contact details and addresses of services (hotels, restaurants rentcar), especially in the winter season, which looks the best for these types of investment, although many commercial facilities closed.

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